Special Venue Producer’s XLNT FX & Eevolver collaborate on an innovative large-screen video installation in the
Bradley International Terminal at LAX

A 3-minute story about the legend of the mermaid Aqua Femme, the larger-than-life images appear in a realistic 80-ft high water tank that becomes a window into the ocean outside the airport. 

Santa Monica, CA – February 02, 2016: Special venue producer’s XLNT FX and Eevolver are launching a spectacular CG video in rotation at the central elevator tower display in the LAX Bradley International Terminal. Richard Taylor hired Eevolver to create and produce the full CG film for all four 80-ft panels on the tower.

Installed and managed by the JCDecaux advertising agency, the film is the most ambitious component of the tower exhibit. Conceived by VFX veteran Richard Taylor of XLNT FX in collaboration with fashion industry veteran Warren Noronha, the 3-minute video screens once an hour to immerse airport travelers in the beautiful, soothing world of its central character, Aqua Femme. Sample images from the film can be seen https://vimeo.com/153270100

Viewers See An 80-Foot Water Tank In the Middle of the Terminal

Taylor describes the project as a calming influence in the chaotic world of international travel. “In 3 minutes, we tell a complete story about a beautiful underwater mermaid who interacts with the real world and a surfer who gets her attention by dropping a gift of flowers and seashells into the sea.”

Stacy Burstin, President of Eevolver, adds, “It’s a gorgeous short film that works on a
four-sided 80-ft LED screen and beautifully displays everything complex in CG: a large scale human, hair simulation, cloth dynamics, water, bubbles and interactive light.”

The Story

The lead character, Aqua Femme, is an underwater angel that magically appears out of a cloud of bubbles. Sunlight streams down from above as tropical fish orbit around her.

Aqua Femme’s gown is comprised of translucent and flowing material similar to translucent and tropical fish. She sees a surfer above and is fascinated, and moves up to investigate. As she rises, she transforms into her mermaid form. An object splashes into the water near the surfer, Aqua Femme is drawn to the object and then pauses, then dives down and disappears into a plume of bubbles. The object floats down and we see that it’s a bouquet of flowers tied with a cord attached to a nautilus shell. The legend of Aqua Femme endures – throw her a bouquet of flowers and your wish will come true.

 “Working with Eevolver has been great,” says Taylor. With careful planning and design Eevolver and I were able to create a beautiful final piece with great production value.” “They created something special and demonstrated expertise that I plan to use in future projects. I can’t thank them enough.”

Burstin’s most proud of the material for Aqua Femme’s gown. “It was difficult to create proper flow and translucency of the gown while maintaining the realism of underwater motion”. We created bubbles interacting with light and combined it with subaquatic motion to make her dress flow naturally and hair rise. It took 3 months overall, from storyboard through delivery.

Richard Taylor; Creative Director at XLNT FX: Richard Taylor has received numerous Clio Awards for his work, including: 7UP Bubbles, 7UP Un-Cola, Reebok, and Levi’s Trademark commercials. He’s worked on fan favorite films including: Star Trek, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Tron and Looker. He was cinematic director at Electronic Arts, directing cinematic sequences for The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth and its sequel, as well as Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3. Recent work includes Shrek 4, Turner Classic Movies, Disney and Ubisoft Games. He’s a member of the DGA (Directors Guild of America) and a he is a FELLOW and on the board of directors of the VES (Visual Effects Society).


Eevolver; A world-class creative production studio providing one stop pre and post production services for film, special venue VR, advertising, and branded content. Stacy Burstin and her team have led the industry for over twenty-five years creating innovative imagery for multiple Academy Award®, CLIO and THEA award winning productions. Eevolver collaborates with directors, producers, writers and studios to develop and produce media that resonates with audiences around the world. Eevolver’s team are experts at providing creative solutions that cost effectively integrate high level VFX and animation through out the production process creates.
Eevolver is currently executive producing several films and short form digital series. “We’re committed to co-producing original IP with talented partners”. www.eevolver.com

JCDecaux; A leader in creating advertising and marketing for public transportation venues around the world. www.jcdecaux.com

Holonyne, is a leading edge Engineering, Programming and Production Management company lead by its director Jon 9, who also serves as the IEMS Director of Production & Programming for JCDecaux Airport/LAX Terminal. Holonyne. Projects include; LAX, Cirque Du Soleil: Beatles’ Love, Harry Potter Theme Park. Ferrari World. Warren Noronha, a noted fashion designer is the creative consultant to Holonyne. He combined his passion for both fashion and social media technology to create MYMAG, a digital media company that enables celebrities to connect more closely with their fans. More recently, he founded Artist Media Publishing, an exciting new offering in digital content creation for brands and influencers.